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What is Nerdipedia?

Nerdipedia is hosted by your's truely at Eddiem.com
It is a wiki (tikiwiki) for myself and a few friends to publish some of our nerdy exploits.

Eddiem.com in various forms has been around since the mid 90s.
Maintaining and updating a large personal site takes a fair bit time and I have a backlog of projects I haven't written up.
I'd rather spend the time on new projects than spend it editing HTML.

A wiki is not as powerful as regular HTML but it is quicker for small updates than the HTML edit/upload cycle - plus you can do it from anywhere with a web browser.

Another big plus is you can get people to help you even if they are on the other side of the planet.

I'm still not sure what permissions to grant the various classes or user. I'm not game to try the wikipedia free for all. Wikipedia works but I doubt we will have enough people to make self policing work.

Nerdipedia is intended to be more hands on and less academic than wikipedia.
There is a place here for theory and speculation but the focus is on doing things - more like Hackaday.com or makezine.com

I am not going to translate eddiem.com to wiki but new projects will be put here.


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