magic pie

My first ebike.
2016 Update.
The Magic pie didn't last. I think it was 2015 when it failed coming home from the shops.
I'm guessing a mosfet has shorted a winding making it impossible to ride.
I don't know what I'll do about it.
Started Oct 2011.
Golden motor - Magic pie motor.
Image The magic pie hub motor.

Image Close up of the colour coded connectors.

Image The main battery plug.

Image The throttle is currently up side down.

Image The red button is the "cruise" control.

Image All the excess wiring before trimming.

Image My PS2 to DIN-8 adapter.

After replacing the PS2 connector once and having it mangle the first time it came unplugged - I'd had enough of these feeble little things.
With most of the warranty still left I decided not to cut the PS2 line socket from the motor cable. Instead I made an adapter which is glued in place with Sugru. The control cable now has a DIN-8 in place.
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